[wix-users] New wix user

Carlos Sosa carlos.sosa.us at outlook.com
Mon Oct 17 09:06:16 PDT 2016

Hello, I 'm not sure if this is the correct way to post a question but here it is.

I have a simple installer, divided into 2 sections:

1.       Bundle: Installs prerequisites and then runs an .msi

2.       A .msi that installs application (copies files)

This set up works fine if I install on a new system, runs smooth and registers the application perfectly, the question I have is:

What is the right way to approach an update, what I need to do is the following:

1.       Upgrade the application to a new version (I think I got that)

2.       In the .msi if a previous version is found, leave one of the previously installed files (a database file) The problem is that when I run the installer (with new version number) DELETES all the previously copied files.

How can I prevent this file from being deleted during Upgrade?

Any help is appreciated.
Best Regards.

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