[wix-users] Checking in the UI that it's an uninstall mode

Karl Stranberg KarlS at garcobuildings.com
Wed Oct 12 13:10:55 PDT 2016

  I'm trying to extend the ExitDialog to replicate the WIXUI_EXITDIALOGOPTIONALTEXT for use in providing a message at the end of the uninstall.  The attached file is my attempt but the change in the standard ExitDialog follows below.  The problem is that the REMOVE property doesn't seem to be available in the UI.  I've tried searching for information on this but I can't find anything that addresses this.
<Control Id="OptionalInstalledText" Type="Text" X="135" Y="110" Width="220" Height="80" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes" Hidden="yes" Text="[WIXUI_INSTALLEDEXITDIALOGOPTIONALTEXT]">

Another method that I tried was to substitute 'Installed' for the 'REMOVE~="ALL"' section above and use a CustomAction that would set my new property WIXUI_INSTALLEDEXITDIALOGOPTIONALTEXT when it's in an uninstall mode (see the following XML) but this seems to have the same problem in that the REMOVE property isn't available during the InstallUISequence.  Any ideas of how I can accomplish this?

<CustomAction Id="Set_WIXUI_INSTALLEDEXITDIALOGOPTIONALTEXT" Property="WIXUI_INSTALLEDEXITDIALOGOPTIONALTEXT" Value="PLEASE NOTE: $(var.ProductName) will complete the uninstall the next time that you launch Tekla Structures."/>

WIX v3.10.3.3007



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