[wix-users] WiX Toolset installers unsigned, set off corporate firewall

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Mon Nov 21 10:54:00 PST 2016

Official releases of WiX are always signed.

 Short replies here. Complete answers over there: http://www.firegiant.com/

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I tried installing v3.10.3 (and weekly-builds v3.11, v4.0 just for grins).
Apparently, our corporate security software blocked the install and then firewall-block the download URL.

I looked at the properties of the installer EXEs, and they don't show a digital signature. I ran them through VirusTotal, and three lesser-known detectors flagged them with possible malware (heuristic detection).

Is anyone else running into issues like this? Is there somewhere to get a signed WiX Toolset installer?

Thanks much.

- John

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