[wix-users] Unable to install package after Bootstrapper reload

Tyler Gustafson tgustafson at solacom.com
Wed Nov 2 07:04:31 PDT 2016

Have you tried adding the DownloadUrl attribute to the MsiPackage or ExePackage element containing your .net 4.6.2 installer? It tells the program where to grab the file from if it's not cached but from what I can tell you can't just point it at the local system, it has to be actually hosted somewhere (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17785382/wix-bootstrapper-downloadurl-can-it-be-a-local-network-path ). This should work out for you anyway since Microsoft must have a download location for that thing somewhere, and not including it makes your installer smaller.


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We have a CustomBA which tried to install .net 4.6.2, after the successful installation and restart of the system, the Bootstrapper tried to install the packages but its unable to.

In my bundle I have set the caching for packages as "NO".

When I looked into the log file after the restart the bootstrapper tried to install the packages from the package cache( which I guess will not have all the files as the package cache has been turned off).

Can some help to overcome this problem, as I want the burn engine to look for packages in the physical path( location of diskset) rather than package cache.

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