[wix-users] Another apache tomcat issue...

Phill Hogland phill.hogland at rimage.com
Wed Mar 30 14:37:47 PDT 2016

I do this:
      <Component Transitive="yes">
        <RegistryValue Root="HKMU" Key="SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\serviceShortName\subfolder if needed" Name="parameter" Value="[MSI_PUBLIC_PROPERTY]" Type="string" KeyPath="yes" />

I use transitive='yes' because my mba may change the value on repair, but you may not want to do that.

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Subject: [wix-users]  Another apache tomcat issue...

Hi again Folks,

I'm trying to install the apache tomcat servlet using the "proper" Wix/MSI syntax, and things are going well up to a point.  I've got everything in place, except a registry key "Parameters" under the service's key.  There's nothing (but the empty default value) in this key, but the service won't start without it.

I used tomcat's service.bat file to install a mirror service to see what was wrong, and that subkey is the only difference.  I manually added the key, and my service starts.

I'd like to avoid using tomcat's service.bat file, but none of the service related elements appear to allow a subkey to be created.  Can I just hack in a RegistryKey element, or is there a better way?

Thanks again for the help.

                                                                Lewis Henderson
                                                                OpenText, inc.

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