[wix-users] Uninstall/Change button in ARP

Magi, Sampattakumar S Sampattakumar.Magi at in.unisys.com
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If u r using bundle then, following is the lines from wix documentation.

DisableModify	YesNoButtonType	

Determines whether the bundle can be modified via the Programs and Features (also known as Add/Remove Programs). If the value is "button" then Programs and Features will show a single "Uninstall/Change" button. 


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Hello everyone,

I realize I can used ARPNOREMOVE, ARPNOREPAIR, and ARPNOMODIFY to hide the three buttons in Add and Remove Programs. How do I show the Uninstall/Change button instead of these buttons? I have found that I can remove the WindowsInstaller value under the Uninstall registry key for the package, and it achieves this, but I wouldn't want to hack something up in the package to remove the registry value on install.

Is there a simply way to show the Uninstall/Change button?

Thank you,
Christoph Griesshammer

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