[wix-users] sign targets - strange output behavior

Farrukh Waheed farrukh1 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 02:48:47 PDT 2016

If anyone of these is not signed properly, your installation may not work.
However, just to verify if Engine and Bundle were both signed properly, you
can use some other name to the extracted engine, e.g
insignia.exe -v -ib G:\ ... \SiSetupBundle.exe -out

Then after signing SiSetupBundle_Engine.exe, inject it back e.g.:

insignia.exe -v -ab obj\Debug\SiSetupBundle_Engine.exe G:\ ...
\SiSetupBundle.exe -out G:\ ... \SiSetupBundle.exe

Later you can check signing certificate with obj\Debug\SiSetupBundle_Engine.exe
and SiSetupBundle.exe separately.

On 15 March 2016 at 13:33, Orzyszek Andreas <
Andreas.Orzyszek at dentsplysirona.com> wrote:

> \insignia.exe -v -ib G:\ ... \SiSetupBundle.exe -out
> obj\Debug\SiSetupBundle.exe

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