[wix-users] Iteration - Can it be done dynamically depending on a runtime variable

Venkatesan, Ravikumar Ravikumar.Venkatesan at scientificgames.com
Tue Mar 15 03:32:21 PDT 2016

Hi All,

                I use the below code to iterate the execution of an SQL script file on a list of DBs that’s declared using “<?define?>” statement. Everything is fine with the below. However, what I really want is to use a dynamic list that shall be known only during the runtime instead of hardcoding it like this. Is there a way to do this?!

    <?define DynamicDBList="FinalStaging;FinalStaging2;FinalStaging3"?>

    <?foreach DynamicDB in $(var.DynamicDBList)?>
      <sql:SqlDatabase Id='Dynamic_SQLDB.$(var.DynamicDB)' Database='$(var.DynamicDB)' User='SQLUser_local_ETL' Server='[DATABASE_SERVER]'/>

                                  <Fragment Id='ThisMustWork2'>
    <ComponentGroup Id='cmpg_ThisMustWork2' Directory='INSTALLFOLDER'>
      <Component Id='cmp_ThisMustWork2' Guid='CA2C7BB6-2D71-486D-9355-884CFA7ADF3D' KeyPath='yes'>
        <?foreach DynamicDB in $(var.DynamicDBList)?>
          <sql:SqlScript Id='ss.$(var.DynamicDB)' BinaryKey='bi_TestScript' ExecuteOnInstall='yes' SqlDb='Dynamic_SQLDB.$(var.DynamicDB)' Sequence='1'/>


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