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Thanks for the reactions.
Conclusion: You mustn't change the GUID when uprading, unless you change the path it is installed too.

Best Regards,
Stijn de Winter

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Here is a blog on the subject: https://www.joyofsetup.com/2009/12/31/simplifying-wix-component-authoring/

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Hello all,

I'm making an installer for a program which is updated very often.

When making the installer for an upgrade, do i have to create new GUIDs for existing components?


in V1.0.0.0 the "someFile" is different from the "someFile" in V1.1.0.0, do i keep the same GUID or do i have to change it?


<Component Id="someFile" Directory="someDir" Guid="someGuid" >


<Component Id="someFile" Directory="someDir" Guid="someGuid" >?


Stijn de Winter

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