[wix-users] RemoveFolder element - delete only if empty?

Lewis Henderson henderso at opentext.com
Thu Mar 10 07:33:28 PST 2016

Hi Folks,

Another little thing that's popped up in my installs: I've got a nested ProgramMenuFolder like:

      <Directory Id="ProgramMenuFolder" Name="Programs">
        <Directory Id="ProgramMenuCompany" Name="OpenText">
          <Directory Id="ProgramMenuDir" Name="Collections Server $(var.ProductVersionMSI)">
            <Component Id="ProgramMenuDir" Guid="<my_guid>">
              <RemoveFolder Id="ProgramMenuDir" On="uninstall" />

I get an ICE error because "ProgramMenuConpany" doesn't have a "RemoveFolder".  I know I can just ignore this, but when the last product is removed, the offending folder *does* get left behind.  Is there a way the RemoveFolder  element can remove the folder only if it's empty after uninstall?

Thanks for the help, and if this can be flagged for modification, please use this email to do so.

                                                                Lewis Henderson
                                                                OpenText, Inc.

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