[wix-users] Uninstalling other "bundles"

Douglas, Keith (STATCAN) keith.douglas at canada.ca
Tue Mar 1 08:01:55 PST 2016

We're thinking of using H2 as a DBMS for some purposes. I notice that its installation is a bit unusual; it installs an uninstall.exe to run to uninstall itself. (NSIS)
I'd like to roll up this installer with a bunch of our own in a WiX bundle to simplify our setup if we can. How should one go about running this uninstall.exe at the proper time when the WiX bundle is uninstalled?

Also, since there are custom actions to install the H2 DBMS as a Windows Service, how does one call these before the uninstall of the subbundle? I have created these custom actions as part of another MSI install we already need.

I realize a custom bootstrapper could likely do all of this, but I am wondering if there is a simpler way?

Keith Douglas

Programmer Analyst, Collection Systems Division
Statistics Canada / Government of Canada
Keith.Douglas at canada.ca<mailto:Keith.Douglas at canada.ca> / Tel : 613-854-5589

Programmeur analyste, Division des systèmes de collecte
Statistique Canada / Gouvernenment du Canada
Keith.Douglas at canada.ca<mailto:Keith.Douglas at canada.ca> / Tél :613-854-5589

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