[wix-users] ManagedBA with prerequisite at Programs and Features

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Mon Feb 22 09:02:39 PST 2016

This is expected behavior.  The engine is registering itself, because a BA needs an option to undo any machine state alterations that may have happened. 

Think of the .Net framework as just another prereq, and then consider if you got half way through your chain before a restart was required.    

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Hi everyone,

I have a custom MBA with .Net as a prerequisite.
If I install on a machine that doesn't have .Net, then after installation of .Net, after a restart of the machine even before starting my installation it appears at 'Programs and Features' as if my product has already been installed.
Why is that?
Can I postpone this till the end of a successful installation? And if not, how can I remove it?

If a user chooses to not install my product after the .Net restart, the entry is left there, and the same goes for if something went wrong during the installation.


Roni (Aron) Fuchs

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