[wix-users] Add Multiple Text Boxes

George Legge george at haglis.co.uk
Sat Sep 12 14:13:54 PDT 2015



Is there an easy way to add multiple Text boxes to the standard WixExtBA  UI
or to the standard WiX UI for that matter ?


I need to allow the user to add several user ids and passwords (hidden) for
access to our application. I suppose a way to simulate the capture of an
array of userids and passwords is what I am after ?


As I understand it the WiXExtBA is all written in xml and C++ and if I
create a standard Bootstrapper.exe there is no need to have .Net installed
on the users server ? 


I am trying to avoid writing a custom UI in C# (I don't know C++ well at
all) and thus having .Net as a pre-req for my installer. I mean I don't want
to have to install .Net before I even interact with the user, or is this
considered to be an ok thing to do ?


I hope that all makes sense.


Thanks, George.





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