[wix-users] Adding SQLEXPRESS install in a WIX installation

Ian Bell ib at ianbellsoftware.com
Tue Dec 1 16:25:53 PST 2015

I came across the following post yesterday about bootstrapping SQL:
wix'  about bootstrapping SQL yesterday.   

I too am very new to WIX so I may be completely off the mark.  But the
sample WIX code by Neil Sleightholm seems to show how you check for and
install SQL Express.  The 'Vital' attribute has been set to 'yes' which,
from what I've read, means the installation fails if SQL cannot be
installed.   This code searches the registry to confirm an instance of SQL
exists (i.e. see util:ResearchSearch Id="SqlInstanceFound"

Hope this helps or points you in the right direction.


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New to the list.  Currently working through the Firegiant Tutorial, also
purchased your book.


To date I haven't really seen anything that explains how I check and if
necessary force an SQLEXPRESS install.  I'm certain this is easily a
capability within the WIX environment and has probably been asked before,
but I couldn't find it in the list.  If someone could point me to the email,
a web page on it, etc. that would be great along with, if possible, an
explanation of what I will need to do for this.


Best Regards,


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