[wix-users] Disallowing bootstrapper UI install

Phill Hogland phill.hogland at rimage.com
Fri Aug 28 10:13:55 PDT 2015

You can use your BA's reference to the Wix Command.Display object to determine whether it was launched in silent or with a display.  And you can use Command.GetCommandLineArgs to get the (none burn) parameters which were passed in and provide logic if required command line switches are missing (with or without a display).  And if you want to see the command line as it was before Burn parsed it, you call system APIs.  If using the WixStdBa add a c++ bafunctions.dll and implement you logic in OnDetectBegin,  or certainly by OnDetectComplete, which could present a message box or set an engine variable which is then acted on by a bal;Condition statement.  (I did something similar a few years back before converting to a custom BA, which provides even more flexibility for these scenarios.)


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Subject: [wix-users] Disallowing bootstrapper UI install

I am trying to set a condition on a bootstrapper to disallow a UI install.

The reason for this, is that the .exe should only be used for a push installation called silently.

However, we do not want anyone getting their hands on the .exe and trying to install it by just double-clicking, as they are ignoring some command-line options.

We are near the end of a release, so I don't have time to make a robust UI and properly test it, hence I am trying to just remove the UI install completely.

Ideally, it'd be as simple as:

<bal:Condition Message="This installer can only be run in silent mode.">UILevel = 2</bal:Condition>

But I see that this is an MSI property and we can't utilize it here.

Looking at the log file, I can't see any property that would let me achieve this.

Any help?

Christoph Griesshammer

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