[wix-devs] Situation Reporrt

Ron Martin cpuwzd at comcast.net
Thu Jun 9 10:40:33 PDT 2022

I was trying to paste this report from WordPad to the pop-out chat 
window. Chat kept buffering multiple paragraphs and I couldn't find a 
way to flush single paragraphs. I'm not sure how each copied paragraph 
was terminated.

At any rate, I've pasted the report below and I will edit it before sending.


I'm playing with MsiE2ETests.sln. I run VS elevated, open this solution, 
then open the test explorer. At his point, I get an unhandled exception 
in testhost.exe. I cancel the JIT debugger prompt.

Running or debugging CaninstallAndUninstallUsers fails with the message 
"User 'testName1' was not removed on Uninstall".

Trying to manually uninstall the msi complains that you can't uninstall 
an msi that isn't currently installed. User TestName2 is also left 
behind. I can use net users to remove the users, but the situation 
remains the same.

Running a tool to list installed msi's shows the product name (beginning 
with a tilde).

I don't know what happens if the test is run and there is no indication 
that the msi has been installed.

I made one attempt to install the msi in a virtual machine, but I ran 
into pilot error, so I need to try this again.

So far, debugging the code seems to indicate that the installation fails 
without notification through the UI and the uninstallation does not 
attempt to remove the users because the install state of the product 
does not indicate that removal is appropriate.

Can you suggest an appropriate direction for further exploration?


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