[wix-devs] Pre/post-signing command(s) name

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Thu Jan 6 09:24:41 PST 2022

I'm bringing the insignia code into v4 as command on wix.exe. I'm struggling to come up with good name for the command so I'm looking for some brainstorming.

Insignia does three semi-related things:

  1.  Updates an MSI after signing external cabinets and before signing the MSI
  2.  Extracts the bundle engine from an attached container so that it can be signed
  3.  "Re-attaches" a signed bundle engine to its attached container

Way back when, without much consideration, I originally thought I'd replace #1 the above with:

   wix.exe sign foo.msi -out foo.msi

However, that doesn't make sense because signtool.exe signs the binaries; wix.exe is involved in preparing the files to be signed.

So, I thought of a couple different options:

1. "Long commands" like
wix.exe update-msi-cab-signatures foo.msi -out foo.msi
wix.exe detach-bundle-engine bundle.exe -out signthis.exe
wix.exe attach-bundle-engine signthis.exe bundle.exe -out bundle.exe

2. "Subcommands" like:
wix.exe signprep msicabs foo.msi -out foo.msi
wix.exe signprep detachengine bundle.exe -out signthis.exe
wix.exe signprep attachengine signthis.exe bundle.exe -out bundle.exe

I _think_ I like option #2 better but I still don't have good names for any of these things.

So, a) I'm looking for if people like option #1 or #2 or have other options to consider and b) I'm looking for good names for all of these things.


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