[wix-devs] Broken Build

Ron Martin cpuwzd at comcast.net
Sat Jul 3 12:25:56 PDT 2021


I just had a clean build on commit 
9bdf3730cd43e1af8a4ea9be6cf2fba77fcff2d2. On to the head of develop! 
(One more

The most recent errors have been odd ducks such as unexpected pdb 
errors. I've just been repeating (clean, build) and
the problem, at least temporarily, has gone away.

After rebasing my fix for issue 4726 several times since I first 
submitted it, with all the miscues that has involved, I think
I've lost the code that implemented the fix, itself. It was the smaller 
half of the pull request: the test code was much
more involved. I'll try to recreate it. At least the tests will guide me.

Thanks for your help and wish me luck!


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