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Ron Martin cpuwzd at comcast.net
Thu Jul 1 10:56:52 PDT 2021


Sorry for the slow response. I've been successfully using build.cmd to 
get my C++ changes compiled so that they
are included in .msi files that I build. I've been able to test and 
debug this code manually

I can't imagine an automated technology for testing these changes 
without using VM technology, an area in which my
experience is very weak. I say this because I don't think that creating 
user accounts on the test machine, with the
possibility that they are not removed by the testing process seems like 
an undesirable seems like a big
security risk.

How can I contribute the work I've done without taking a very long side 
trip to learn the ins and outs of this
technology? Are there any existing tests in Wix 4 that I can be use as 

I've also found what appears to be an error in wcautil.h in the 
definitions of MessageExitOnLastErrorSource,
MessageExitOnFailureSource, and MessageExitOnNullWithLastErrorSource. 
Failing tests for artificial
instances of these macros seems reasonable, except that retrieving the 
results from an install log is
fairly awkward.

What's the best way to implement my fix. A straight-forward code review 
should suffice, but might not conform
to existing standards.



On 6/26/2021 5:14 PM, Bob Arnson wrote:

> I’m not sure how to answer your questions. If you’re asking about 
> adding a new C++ source file to a unit test project, that will require 
> an addition to the .vcxproj. Unless you’re adding a new .vcxproj, no 
> other changes should be necessary.
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> Bob,
> If I add a new C++ test file, will it get picked up automatically, or 
> is there a .cmd file that I have to update to pick it
> up? Since I can't debug this code in a debugger, I'm planning to use 
> the log file as my eyes and ears. This does
> make the length of the edit-build-test cycle more significant.
> Is there anything more I need to know about building from the command 
> line than to use VS 2019 command prompt (elevated?) and build.cmd 
> (with or without the optional -release parameter? In order to log only 
> the one test I care about, I assume that the log parameter has to go 
> on the build command line constructed in the unit test itself.
> I would never have intuited your advise. I'm just a little bit too far 
> outside your communication loop and a little late
> arriving. Perhaps there could be running list of meeting sessions in 
> which such matters have been discussed (or I can just continue 
> plucking feathers and other newbies can just read my messages in the 
> wix-devs mailing list.
> Thanks.
> Ron
> On 6/14/2021 10:45 PM, Bob Arnson wrote:
>     You can't build WiX projects inside Visual Studio yet. That includes WiX itself, for .wixlibs embedded in extensions. To build those, build WiX from the command line. If your test MSI is one produced as part of a unit test, the WiX build will build those and run the tests (again, from the command line).
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>     Bob or Rob,
>     I don't know if this is what is holding me up, but I need to ask this again:
>     If you open the solution "Util.wixext.sln" in Debug mode in VS 2019, is the first project listed as "util (incompatible)"?
>     The conversion report seems to be telling me that Wix isn't installed.
>     util.wixproj references WixToolset.Sdk. There is a nuget package with that name, but I don't know how it's referenced.
>     Isn't it the "presence" of WixToolset.Sdk that allows VS 2019 to know what to do with .wixproj files?
>     How do I get the changes I make in src\ext\Util\ca\scauser.cpp to show up in my test msi?
>     Ron
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