[wix-devs] Issue #4753

Ron Martin cpuwzd at comcast.net
Thu Jan 21 18:22:00 PST 2021


The repo you have cited leaves me confused on a git configuration issue:

The flow given is:

 1. Fork (github.com/wixtoolset/Home -> github.com/my-account/Home)
 2. Clone (github.com/my-account/Home -> \\D:Repos\wixtoolset\Home)

and likewise for "Core".

This scenario doesn't appear to be compatible with running enlist Core 
from my D:\Repos\wixtoolset\Home folder.

Won't enlist clone github.com/wixtoolset/Core, rather than 

Previously, I cloned directly from github.com/wixtoolset/Whatever.

Are the hard-coded paths in enlist.com somehow misleading, or am I 
missing something?


On 1/21/2021 4:41 PM, Sean Hall via wix-devs wrote:
> If you're asking for how to do a pull request on GitHub, I think this repo
> explains it -
> https://github.com/firstcontributions/first-contributions/blob/master/README.md

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