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Don't worry, now that I've done some exercise I can edit the original ones.
I will study the suggested examples.
The MSBuild integration seems to be very interesting, however I must be able
to call MakeSfxCA directly for compatibility reasons.
But nobody forbids us to prepare both solutions, what to you think about

Thanks for your help.

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That doesn't sound right. All of the SfxCA and MakeSfxCA files were already
in the Dtf repo, you shouldn't have needed to copy them - just update them
in place.

You'd have to check https://github.com/wixtoolset/wix4/tree/develop/test to
see if we had any tests around this. Ideally you would be able to create a
test project in the Dtf repo and at least write a test that the managed CA
dll can be built with MakeSfxCA (maybe just try to build the sample?). The
existing tests in the Dtf repo are the folders that start with
WixToolsetTests in https://github.com/wixtoolset/Dtf/tree/master/src.

MSBuild integration means that you're not calling MakeSfxCA directly, you're
using an MSBuild project that eventually loads wix.ca.targets which has the
logic of calling MakeSfxCA. Based on the code snippet you gave, you're not
using the MSBuild integration.

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> Just a small update.
> After several attempts I am able to compile the projects.
> I started by creating a new project with platform toolset "Visual 
> Studio
> 2017 (v141)" and
> I copied the source files for SfxCA and I did the same for MakeSfxCA.
> I did a simple test and it seems to work.
> How can I do some other tests?
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