[wix-devs] Building v4 End to End

Sean Hall r.sean.hall at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 14:22:28 PST 2019

By "private feed", all that means is it's not nuget.org. We have Appveyor
projects setup to automatically build the latest code and push it to the
feed, so you could just use those to try out the latest.

WiX has always required .NET Framework. WiX v4 requires .NET Core,
everything should work without Visual Studio.

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> The private feeds are all listed in the Home\nuget.config. If any are
> missing, they need to be added.
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> Ok I've listened to all of that and would still want to build end to end.
> The definition of that simply changes... instead of building a WiX4.exe I'd
> want to build all the nuget packages and publish them to a private feed so
> I can start playing around with migrating v3 projects to v4.
> I think I heard there is a private package feed.  How do I get access to
> that?
> I've had hundreds of customers over the years and I'm wondering how this
> is all going to work out for people creating MSIs for Windows and they
> don't use Visual Studio at all.  (NodeJS, Java et al)

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