[wix-devs] WixComPlusExtension Status update 1

Allen, Eric M. (Tax&Accounting Prof) eric.allen at thomsonreuters.com
Fri Aug 16 09:58:04 PDT 2019

As I noted before, we would wind up with one element name (ComPlusAssembly) which has two almost completely different schema to be used depending on whether Import=Yes or No.

If I were to reuse an existing element, it probably makes more sense to use ComPlusComponent as a child of the Application. At that point we could decide whether to use an Import=Yes|No attribute as a sanity check (error if Import=yes and child of Assembly; error if Import=no and child of Application).

Before going down that path, I would feel compelled to determine which other attributes of ComPlusComponent would need to be ignored or forbidden when it is a child of the Application.

I'm not saying this is absolutely impossible, but it's quite a bit more time-to-completion.

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That explains why it sounds weird. As an adjective, Imported should be at the beginning: ImportedComPlusComponent

<comPlus:ImportedComPlusComponent Id="CalculatorComPlusComponent CLSID="D0213ABD-5928-481E-AF3E-51B860AF47D2"/>

What if instead of replacing <comPlus:ComPlusAssembly/> with <comPlus:ComPlusImportedComponent/> (or <comPlus:ImportedComPlusComponent/>) perhaps you add an Import="yes|no" attribute (defaulted to "no") to <comPlus:ComPlusAssembly/> and conditionalize behavior based on the Import attribute?

Edwin G. Castro

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