[wix-devs] Burn micro repo(s)

Sean Hall r.sean.hall at gmail.com
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So what should the names be? The first thing that comes to mind for me is
Burn.Interfaces, Burn.Engine, balutil, Bal.wixext.

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> Groovy.
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> I think I'm good with your layout, with one little tweak that
> IBoostrapperEngine.h and IBootstrapperApplication.h should be in the Burn
> interface repo instead of staying in balutil with the rest of balutil's
> headers. For the initial setup, I would just keep all of BootstrapperCore
> as is in the Burn interface repo and then later we'll need to create a new
> project in the BalExtension for the code we're able to move out of
> BootstrapperCore.
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