[wix-devs] Building Votive

Christopher Painter chrpai at iswix.com
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Ya, as best I can tell the .sln takes the place of the wix.proj.    There's building-wix page makes mention of updating an assemblyinfo.cs in a path that doesn't seem to exist yet.    I'm building both similiar and passing the OFFICIAL_WIX_BUILD  property and it seems to build correctly with the exception that votive.dll doesn't get included in the vsix.  I have to copy it manually and then it seems to accept it.

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I glanced through the repo. It looks like Rob set it up much like the v3
repo. It has a one-time initialization project, the same strong key signing
parameters, and a single thing to build in the root of the repo. The only
additional prerequisite seems to be you need to install the VS 2010 SP1
SDK. I'm pretty sure there was a link to it in the Building Wix page.

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> I'm trying to work in issue 5915 (vs2019-votive)  and I want to make sure
> that I can build/test my new 2019 AddIn on a clean machine using the
> official-unofficial build pattern before submitting a pull request.
> The closest I can get currently is the VSIX is generated but it's missing
> votive.dll.  If I copy votive.dll to the extracted extensions location of
> VS  then it all works.    This is happening before I touch any of the code
> so I'm suspecting it's a gap in my build process.
> Does this ring a bell with anyone?
> Thanks,
> Chris
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