[wix-devs] Burn micro repo(s)

Sean Hall r.sean.hall at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 19:08:36 PST 2018

Breaking balutil out to its own repo totally makes sense.

I think I see where you're trying to go with BalExtension/core
(BootstrapperCore.dll) going into the Burn interfaces repo. Eventually we
want to split BootstrapperCore.dll into MBA.Interfaces.dll and
MBA.Implementation.dll, with MBA.Interfaces in the Burn interfaces repo and
MBA.Implementation in the BalExtension repo. I'm a big fan of doing things
iteratively if possible, so I would rather not try to do that when we
initially set up these 4 repos. Or if we really wanted to at least create
the new MBA interfaces assembly, only put IBootstrapperApplication and
IBootstrapperEngine in there to start with.

If we are putting balutil and BalExtension in seperate repos, and putting
managed interfaces into the Burn interface repo, then the native
IBootstrapperApplication and IBootstrapperEngine headers should also go
there. And possibly IBAFunctions. Though to be honest, I'm not seeing the
use case for anyone using IBoostrapperApplication/IBootstrapperEngine
without balutil, or the managed ones without the managed BAL implementation.

On Tue, Dec 11, 2018 at 7:42 AM Rob Mensching <rob at firegiant.com> wrote:

> Some thoughts (if they are incoherent, I blame my current fevered state):
> 1. deputil should be tossed in with dutil. It isn't big enough to live on
> its own. I thought I did that already but did not.
> 2. If we break it out, I think:
>   a. Burn Interfaces - wix4/src/burn/inc/* +
> wix4/src/ext/BalExtension/core (and maybe work to reduce MBA core to just
> some interfaces)
>   b. Burn engine - /engine, /stub, /samples
>   c. balutil
>   d. BalExtension - obviously, minus /core
> Given the change patterns of the code, I think that would work out really
> well (once the repos are created <smile/>).
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> I think these are the Burn related folders that we still need to move into
> micro repos:
> wix4/src/burn
> wix4/src/ext/BalExtension
> wix4/src/libs/balutil
> wix4/src/libs/deputil
> The easiest way would be to just throw them all into one repo. Otherwise,
> we'll have to start looking at all the different parts. Here's what I think
> are all the pieces:
> wix4/src/burn
>     burn engine (/engine - engine.lib plus headers)
>     BA interface headers (/inc - BootstrapperEngine.h and
> BootstrapperApplication.h)
>     burn stub (/stub - burn.exe)
>     samples (/samples)
> wix4/src/ext/BalExtension
>     actual extension (/wixext, /wixlib, /wixlib_arm)
>     MBA host (/mba/host - mbahost.dll)
>     MBA core (/mba/core - BootstrapperCore.dll)
>     WixStandardBA (/wixstdba - wixstdba.dll)
>     sample BA Functions (/samples)
> wix4/src/libs/balutil
>     base native BA, BA utility methods (balutil.lib)
>     BA Functions interface header (/inc - BAFunctions.h)
> wix4/src/libs/deputil
>     deputil.lib
> If we're going to split it up, I guess it would be one repo for the BA
> interface headers, one repo for the Burn engine and stub and samples (and
> deputil?), and one repo for the rest.

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