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I think wcautils nupkg needs a dependency on dutil nupkg. We discussed that yesterday but I don’t think it is done yet.

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Thank you for your quick replay.
I have mentioned another issue that you can clarify for me: I enlisted wcautils and everything passes OK and I was able to compile it. But I noticed that wcautils consumes .h files from dutils but they could not be found because include path in the project does not contain path to nuget package of dutils. If I add this path manually the solution recognize dutil.h file and intellisense works in visual studio.

The question is how this path can be managed automatically in regard to different platforms and package versions of nuget packages? May be nuget package should bring c++ stuff to some common folder across all projects?

On Mon, Sep 4, 2017 at 11:32 AM, Rob Mensching <rob at firegiant.com<mailto:rob at firegiant.com>> wrote:
There is still a lot missing and everything else is under construction. You'll want to communicate what part you'd like to work on so we can coordinate and point out what's expected and not expected so you don't spin your wheels too much.

1. The Core repository should have been cloned but it is empty right now save for a README.md.
2. You should get a nuget.config in the "root folder" (next to the WixToolset.sln). More work needs to be done to make sure it is updated if Home\nuget.config is updated.
3. Only .csproj are added today. Unfortunately, dotnet doesn't support .vcxproj which was surprising but shouldn't have been. Will need a different solution for adding .vcxproj.

Hopefully, that aligns with your current experience.

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Can I start working with new structure ?
I tried to enlist core and add wcautil to enlist.cmd. Unfortunately nothing worked for me on Windows 7 and VS 2017:
1. Repository Core was not cloned.
2. nuget.config was not updated
3. Solution file was created but not updated with projects.

However repository wcautil was cloned completely.

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