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I am new in Wix technology. As part of the installation, I need to configure Database mail profile configuration at SQL server. It can be possible thereby invoking some kind of built-in STORED PROCEDURES. I could configure this feature by following.

<sql:SqlString Id="sysmail_add_account_sp" SqlDb="msdb" SQL="EXECUTE msdb.dbo.sysmail_add_account_sp @account_name = '[\[]ACCOUNTNAME[\]]', @description = '[ACCNT_DESCRIPTION]', @email_address = '[EMAIL_ADDRESS]', @display_name = '[DISPLAY_NAME]', @username='[USERNAME]', @password='[PASSWORD]', @mailserver_name = '[MAILSERVER_NANE]'" ExecuteOnInstall="yes"
ContinueOnError="no" ExecuteOnUninstall="no"></sql:SqlString>

Where property values are accepting from GUI part. When run MSI file the stored procedures working fine. However, the corresponding values for properties are getting as NULL. Components are directly referred in tag. So GUI part is not seen and property values aren't set. How can I approach this kind of scenario in an ideal way?


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