[wix-devs] Got a Non-Fatal Debug Assert Message While Installing One of My Products

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Thu Sep 24 00:06:59 PDT 2015

Uhhhh, that can only happen if the wcautil.lib was compiled DEBUG. Uhh, that would be bad if WiX v3.10 RTM shipped with debug builds on... 

Bob, thoughts? Could something like this be the cause of that mysterious crash on XP?

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1)      The Action Text suggests sometime around the running of ExecXmlFile (pretty late in the upgrade)

2)      Message in "Debug Assert Message" Dialog is:

Assertion failed in wcawow64.cpp, 115

You must call WcaRevertWow64FSRedirection() before calling

WcaDisableWow64FSRedirection() gain

Abort=Debug, Retry=Skip, Ignore=Skip all

3)      Selecting "Retry" caused the install to continue and succeed.

4)      Product only supports x64.  All its paths are in the ProgramFiles64Folder tree.  There are two config files modified and both are in that tree.

5)      Installer mode was upgrade.  It uses a WiX standard bootstrapper.  Scheduling of the upgrade is afterInstallInitialize

6)      WiX 3.10 RTM

7)      OS:  Windows Server 2012 with no service packs.

8)      Major Application:  Also has SQL Server 2012 installed.

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