[wix-devs] Wix burn / localization - possible issue?

Sean Hall r.sean.hall at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 09:04:53 PDT 2015

Looks like the problem is typos, Burn Variable names are case sensitive.
You have a lower case 'd' on the end of UserLanguageId and SystemLanguageId
in 1031 but uppercase 'D' in 1033.

On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 10:30 AM, Tobias Erichsen <info at tobias-erichsen.de>

> Hi everyone,
> I have encountered something strange when doing some burn work the last
> couple of days:
> I have started localizing some bootstrappers lately.  While doing so I had
> a problem that
> I could not use the UserLanguageId during a conditional RegistrySearch as
> this property
> seems to not have been set yet at that place in time...
> So I noticed that the newer 3.10 build contains a new variable
> "WixStdBALanguageId"
> and from the discussion I found that this could possibly be the fix for my
> problem,
> So I installed and it did indeed fix my issue...
> So far so good.  For debugging purposes I had place some variables into
> the UI
> for diag:
> 1031:
> <String Id="InstallHeader">Willkommen (a[UserLanguageId]
> b[SystemLanguageId] c[WixStdBALanguageId])</String>
> 1033:
> <String Id="InstallHeader">Welcome ( a[UserLanguageID] b[SystemLanguageID]
> c[WixStdBALanguageId])</String>
> Here I noticed some strange behaviour:
> When my locale was configured for finish (just to default to english) it
> showed
> my 1033 localization and correctly showed my "Welcome (a1035 b1031
> c1033)", but
> when my locale was set to 1031 it just showed "Willkommen (a b c1031), so
> obviously
> when showing that localization the UserLanguageId & SystemLanguageId were
> not set.
> This really is not much of a problem for me, I just wondered if this might
> point to some deeper lying issue and though I'd mention it here before
> 3.10 gets
> released...
> Tobias
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