[wix-devs] Wix burn / localization - possible issue?

Tobias Erichsen info at tobias-erichsen.de
Mon Aug 31 08:30:00 PDT 2015

Hi everyone,

I have encountered something strange when doing some burn work the last couple of days:

I have started localizing some bootstrappers lately.  While doing so I had a problem that
I could not use the UserLanguageId during a conditional RegistrySearch as this property
seems to not have been set yet at that place in time...

So I noticed that the newer 3.10 build contains a new variable "WixStdBALanguageId"
and from the discussion I found that this could possibly be the fix for my problem,
So I installed and it did indeed fix my issue...

So far so good.  For debugging purposes I had place some variables into the UI
for diag:

<String Id="InstallHeader">Willkommen (a[UserLanguageId] b[SystemLanguageId] c[WixStdBALanguageId])</String>

<String Id="InstallHeader">Welcome ( a[UserLanguageID] b[SystemLanguageID] c[WixStdBALanguageId])</String>

Here I noticed some strange behaviour:

When my locale was configured for finish (just to default to english) it showed
my 1033 localization and correctly showed my "Welcome (a1035 b1031 c1033)", but
when my locale was set to 1031 it just showed "Willkommen (a b c1031), so obviously
when showing that localization the UserLanguageId & SystemLanguageId were not set.

This really is not much of a problem for me, I just wondered if this might
point to some deeper lying issue and though I'd mention it here before 3.10 gets


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