[wix-users] Component Child Element - Condition

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Tue Mar 21 15:36:53 PDT 2023

> Since WiX v4 is not out yet, we are, of course, still using WiX v3. 

You're not waiting until after WiX v4 ships to actually try it out before it is too late to get any fixes in so you'd be waiting for WiX v5, right? Right?

Like you've tried converting all your code to WiX v4 using one of the latest RC's and verified that it still works, right? Right?


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Since WiX v4 is not out yet, we are, of course, still using WiX v3.  I was surprised to find that the  WiX v3 documentation is relatively difficult to find on the website.  So, initially I tried looking for some information in the v4 docs.

At any rate, once I found the WiX v3 documentation, I was surprised to see that the Children of the Component element includes a Condition element in v3, but not in v4 (at least not in the documentation).

I find myself wondering if I should avoid modifying our v3 code to use the Condition element, since it might make the eventual transition to v4 more difficult...

Can you confirm if this is an oversight in the documentation?  Or is this element being removed from the schema?

Todd Hoatson

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