[wix-users] Actions based on return code of ExePackage?

Matthias Reuss matthias.mr.reuss at wsa.com
Thu Mar 9 07:30:48 PST 2023

My bundle calls a third-party EXE with several return codes, not all of which indicate errors. For one of these return codes (here: 200), I want to continue installation, but trigger an additional action (here: write a log message).

Therefore I implemented the handler in ExecutePackageComplete :

                   if (e.PackageId.ToLower().Contains("ThisExe"))
                        _model.LogMessage($"This Exe returned Status={e.Status}, result={e.Result}. ");
                        if (e.Status == 0xc8 /*200*/ || e.Status == unchecked((int)0x800700c8))
                            e.Result = Result.Ok; //I want to continue installation!
                            _model.LogMessage($"Status is {e.Status}, set the result to {e.Result}");
                        else if (e.Status != 0)
                            _model.LogMessage($"Error in This Exe; Status is {e.Status}, result is {e.Result}");

If I interpret this return value as acceptable in the bundle with
<ExitCode Value="200" Behavior="success"/>
Burn does not set e.Status to the same value, but to 0, not writing any of these log messages.

If I leave out that special treatment of Status 200, I get the expected line in the log, but the bundle rolls back even though I have set e.Result=Result.Ok.

So does the engine ignore that value of e.Result having been set in ExecutePackageComplete? Is there another way to do some action and make the installation continue?

Best regards

Matthias Reuss

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