[wix-users] Progress messages from a Burn bundle?

Matthias Reuss matthias.mr.reuss at wsa.com
Mon Mar 6 00:14:28 PST 2023

The 3rd-party bundle uses Burn v3.11.2.4516 (we are using Burn v3.11.1.2318).

That bundle contains 47 packages in total, out of which 33 are actually installed in my test environment. Most of them are MSI packages, there are also some EXE packages.  A lot of those packages come both as x86 and x64 packages, where only the matching one is installed (that's why it installs only 33 packages).
When I manually run the 3rd-party bundle with its UI, it does not show an overall progress bar, but is does display the name of the package it is currently installing.

Your questions also make me ask my question the other way round:

Would I have to implement something in order to make my bundle send progress events to an embedding "outer" bundle (if any)?

Best regards

Matthias Reuss

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What version of Burn is the 3rd party bundle using? What packages is the 3rd party bundle installing? When you manually run the 3rd party bundle, what progress indicators does it show?

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Subject: [wix-users] Progress messages from a Burn bundle?


My installation bundle contains a 3rd-party EXE, which is itself a Burn bundle.

Can I get progress messages from that "embedded" bundle?

The ExePackage definition looks like

<ExePackage Id="ThirdPartyBundle"
DisplayName="Third Party Bundle"
<ExitCode Value="0" Behavior="success" />
<ExitCode Value="1" Behavior="error"/>

And the ExecuteProgress event handler of my CustomBA:

private void ExecuteProgress(object sender, ExecuteProgressEventArgs e)
_executeProgress = e.ProgressPercentage;
_model.LogMessage($"ExecuteProgress for package {e.PackageId}: Percentage {_executeProgress}");

My log file tells me that ExecuteProgress was called for this package only 2 times: once at 0 % and once at 100 %.

This 3rd-party bundle is the longest-running part of my bundle, so my progress bar would look much better if I could get more progress messages.

Best regards

Matthias Reuss

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