[wix-users] LGHT0001 - 'WixValidator' and Custom AzDo agents

Daniel Żołopa daniel.zolopa at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 10:47:26 PST 2023


I have two VMs with two AzDo agents on each.
Windows 2k16 without any additional AV etc.
During building a dozen of WiX solutions I get randomly (not always and not
every time on the same wixproj) following error:

*light.exe : error LGHT0001: Access to the path 'WixValidator' is denied.
[<projectname.wixproj>]Observed on: WiX Toolset*

What is this error related to? Is it or can it be suppressed by disabling
ICE validation?

Is it possible that two agents when using WiX toolset at the same time can
interact (light usage in the two parallel processes on different solutions,
UAC, any cache?)?
Agents have separate working directories.
Has anyone seen these symptoms? Any hints?


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