[wix-users] Something wrong with Wix V4 Bundle Project

manish.bhalodi at tech9.com manish.bhalodi at tech9.com
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Yes, I am using Heatwave Latest vs extension with Visual studio 2022 Latest
Preview version.


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Sounds like a bug in the template. I'm guessing you are using HeatWave in
Visual Studio. HeatWave tracks issues here:

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Subject: [wix-users] Something wrong with Wix V4 Bundle Project



I am getting below error while Building Bundle Project using Visual studio
for Wix Version 4. 

WIX0200 The BootstrapperApplication element contains an unhandled extension
element 'WixStandardBootstrapperApplication'. Please ensure that the
extension for elements in the 'http://wixtoolset.org/schemas/v4/wxs/bal'
namespace has been provided.


1.	I just created a new Bundle Project in the visual studio wix version
4 template.
2.	Added msi packages in the chain element.


I am successfully able to create & build MSI package project but I don't
know it is giving silly error for Bundle project. I don't have wix version 3
installed on my machine. First I thought it is building project with version



Below is the code for bundle.wxs. 


<Wix xmlns="http://wixtoolset.org/schemas/v4/wxs"

    <Bundle Name="Copilot Client" Manufacturer="eAssist Inc."
Version="" UpgradeCode="d6450ccd-f224-4e23-a9d0-9d73d4bed85e">


LicenseUrl="https://www.example.com/license" Theme="hyperlinkLicense" />



              <MsiPackage ....>


              <MsiPackage ....>






Below is the code for wixproj


<Project Sdk="WixToolset.Sdk/4.0.0-rc.1">





    <PackageReference Include="WixToolset.Bal.wixext" Version="4.0.0-rc.1"





Let me know, If anything more required from my side.


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