[wix-users] asp.net core 6 installer example

Christopher Painter chrpai at iswix.com
Sun Feb 19 18:38:38 PST 2023

I wouldn't go with wix v4 quiet yet.  It's not RTM yet and still has some rough edges.

If you look up my open source project I have templates for ASP.NET projects.  ASP.NET Core is pretty much the same except you'll also want to have a bootstrapper to install the IIS Hosting Bundle.


I offer consulting services if you just want to outsource this part of the project.  If it's a simple installer (no complex ui or configuration optinos) it's only a couple hours of work for me.

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hi everyone,

I'm new to wix. we got an asp.net core 6 project. Our customer wants a MSI
installer. Is there an example wix v4 project I can start with?


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