[wix-users] Auto Update Wix Application

manish.bhalodi at tech9.com manish.bhalodi at tech9.com
Wed Feb 15 08:06:00 PST 2023



I have windows WIX application which copy some files and installs one
Windows Service as an Admin user.


I am using WIX v4 RC2 for the same. Manual Install/Update/Uninstallation
working great right now.


I want to check updates every N hours and update application automatically
without any user intervention. Update includes Uninstalling & Reinstalling
windows service & deleting & copying new files & run some custom actions.


I want to know how other developers implemented Auto Updater process with

1.	Any 3rd party plug-in/library integration with WIX?
2.	ClickOnce integration with WIX?
3.	By creating a separate project and there uses 3rd party


I already search on internet and there are lot of 3rd party libraries


Before working on update, I want to know if someone already done it or seen
it & how they done it.


Please suggest me way to do it or some useful architecture or things to keep
it mind anything is welcome. 






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