[wix-users] Experience of build with WiX 4 Toolset

Timofey Evsyutkin goldghost.oomphi.suppository at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 03:18:21 PST 2022

Sean, thank you very much.

> You are compiling C# DLLs with csc.exe instead of MSBuild? The world has
> moved to .nupkgs and so has WiX v4.

The DLLs have compiled using the msbuild.exe (and dotnet tool).
But I normally use command line experience and try not to use third-party
It has several goals: offline building from source,
reducing the time it takes to check that code, and reducing security risks.

I'm definitely not saying this feature is needed.
I just have not found a right way yet that would make it possible to use
what I have how I need.

Best regards

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