[wix-users] MSP->wxs (Dark) and go back

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
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Correct. Decompilation (dark.exe) exists to help convert existing installation packages created by other (non-WiX) tooling into WiX source code.

You can’t take .msps back to source code (they’re diffs between multiple MSIs) so there is no decompliation scenario.

You’re hacking. It can be probably done. But generally I’d recommend, “Just build a new version.” YMMV.

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Thank you for your response. Maybe I'll try to describe the original problem.
I have got an old msi installer and a set of msp patches which can be installed on the top of this msi.
Msi/msp and content of these are not digitally signed. I have no sources for this stack (ups!).

I need to sign the content of msi/msp, rebuild and sign msi/msp.
Now I have scripts which extract cab from msi, extract cab, analize File table sign content,  update file size, hashes, build cab, replace cab, build msi, sign msi:) it is a long way which shows how complicated msi is. Everything works, but I need a similar way to do it with msp.

As I understand your answer, the "unpack-edit-pack"  proces is technically possible, but there is no exposed switches/api to do it in current implementation am I right?


wt., 1 lis 2022 o 17:13 Rob Mensching <rob at firegiant.com<mailto:rob at firegiant.com>> napisał(a):
It is probably possible somehow but that's not a scenario today.

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Subject: [wix-users] MSP->wxs (Dark) and go back


Is there any possibility to get source and binaries from msp, change some files e.g. give a digital signature and build to msp?
First step is simple:
dark.exe -swall -x wixbin a.mps

How to build msp from source:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<wixOutput type="Patch"

and extracted binaries? Any Pyro magic command line combination?


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