[wix-users] Minor MSI upgrade through Burn doesn't install new feature

Kevin Mackey kmackey at gmail.com
Mon May 30 19:01:27 PDT 2022

I'm having a problem with a minor upgrade by Burn not installing an added
MSI feature. The minor upgrade support for my product is historical (old
requirement) that has worked so far as I have followed component rules, so
I'd like to avoid changing to a major upgrade.

I'm using WiX Burn ( to install an MSI. My custom BA is based
on https://gitlab.com/nickguletskii/WixWPFWizardBA/. When upgrading from an
install done by an old InstallShield installer, the installed features are
upgraded, but a file in the new feature is not being installed. The new
feature has a single component to install the new file and set a registry
key and value.

The problem installing the new file seems to be this bug that was fixed in
Burn 3.6: https://sourceforge.net/p/wix/bugs/2464/

For file contents below, I use ". . ." to indicate content removed that I
think is not relevant. I also changed the product name.

. . .

Bundle Log
. . .
[0850:12F8][2022-05-27T15:24:19]i000: Bootstrapper has called
[0850:0940][2022-05-27T15:24:19]i000: Switching to PlanPage from UpgradePage
[0850:12F8][2022-05-27T15:24:19]i000: Bootstrapper has called
Bootstrapper_PlanPackageBegin, package id: ProductName
[0850:12F8][2022-05-27T15:24:19]i000: Setting string variable
'WixBundleLog_ProductName' to value
[0850:12F8][2022-05-27T15:24:19]i201: Planned package: ProductName, state:
Present, default requested: Present, ba requested: Present, execute:
MinorUpgrade, rollback: None, cache: No, uncache: No, dependency: Register
[0850:12F8][2022-05-27T15:24:19]i000: Bootstrapper has called
. . .

. . .
MSI (s) (40:8C) [15:24:21:117]: Command Line: . . . REINSTALL=ALL

>From what I understand, there should be an ADDLOCAL instead of (or in
addition to?) REINSTALL=ALL for the new feature to be installed. I think
the code for my PlanMsiFeature needs to change, but I haven't found any
good example code (more than just very simple cases).

Any ideas of things I should look into?

Thanks for any help.

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