[wix-users] Conditional Text in Bundle UI

Coryat, Jim Jim.Coryat at softprocorp.com
Wed Mar 9 09:26:27 PST 2022

Using the bootstrapper to install .NET Framework 4.8 if it is not present.  My customer requested a notification on the Install view to notify the user that it is going to be installed.  I have created a theme file which presents the customized presentation of each of the views.  However bridging the gap between  msi UI behavior and bundle UI behavior has been a challenge.  Is it possible to have a text control that can display or not display based on a logical condition?

The two thoughts I had were:
Set the text control content statically and the disable it based on a logical condition.
Set the text control content based on a property/variable value and set the value based on a logical condition

Both approaches have not been fruitful.

I see the presence of localization in the bundle UI, do the same rules for formatted strings apply to the burn UI as well?

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