[wix-users] Force overwrite of specific binaries that have a lower version than the previous version installed (doing upgrade)

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Schedule RemoveExistingProducts earlier? Ex: Before='InstallInitialize'

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Subject: [wix-users] Force overwrite of specific binaries that have a lower version than the previous version installed (doing upgrade)
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I remember doing this 'fix' in a previous company but for the life of me I can't remember what was done.


Client installs version<> of product, a couple of DLL's are version<> (not our DLL's)

Then client upgrades to version<> of our product, but a couple of the DLL's are version<> (not our DLL's) and the 2 DLL's are not copied over (our upgrades are major upgrades, i.e. uninstall old, install new).

A few of our MSI's in other products we are using InstallShield, and in InstallShield you can right click on a file and select from the Properties dialog "Always overwrite" checkbox which forces the file to be overwritten regardless of version or date.

Solution: ?

However, you can't really do that in WiX, I think the only way to 'fix' the issue is to change:

REINSTALLMODE=omus (default) to either

Is this the *ONLY* available workaround?

Thank you,


Steven Ogilvie
Software Developer, SCMT - Builds & Installers

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