[wix-users] Uninstall the installer in CLI NON-silent mode show windows default UI

Racheli Ganon r05458410430 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 03:03:00 PDT 2022

It's working with /i.
But I want it to work with /x as well :)

Thank You

‫בתאריך יום ב׳, 4 ביולי 2022 ב-11:19 מאת ‪Jürgen Schäpker‬‏ <‪
juergen at schaepker.de‬‏>:‬

> msiexec /i <path_to_msi>
> will show the MaintenanceWelcomeDlg if (Installed AND NOT RESUME AND NOT
> Preselected AND NOT PATCH).
> When you customize the UI you could modfiy the maintenance dialogs and
> e.g. remove other buttons and only show the removebutton for uninstall -
> see src\ext\UIExtension\wixlib\MaintenanceTypeDlg.wxs.
> Best regards

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