[wix-users] Experience of build with WiX 4 Toolset

Timofey Evsyutkin goldghost.oomphi.suppository at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 04:03:11 PDT 2022

Hi there

I have recently converted and built a small "Test Project" from v3 to v4.
I took 4.0.0-preview.1-build.425 for this and got some errors.

Converter did not cover some situations.

Related to WIX0022 after converting:
1. There is an empty condition. For example,
2. There is an inner comment. For example,
     <Custom Action ... something here ... >
         <!-- comment of action -->
         <![CDATA[ ... something here ... ]]]
     <Condition Message="!(loc.UpdateKB2533623NotFound)">
         <!-- comment of condition -->
         <![CDATA[NOT ((UpdateKB2533623Exist = "No") AND (VersionNT =
3. There is a condition in include file (wxi). For example,
     <Include xmlns="http://wixtoolset.org/schemas/v4/wxs">
         <Condition Message="!(loc.InvalidOsVersion)">
             <![CDATA[NOT (VersionNT < 601)]]>

Related to WIX1150. For example,
     ~\test_product\fragments.wxi(7) : error WIX1150:
     The binder doesn't know how to place the following symbol into the
     SymbolName: 'WixFragment', Id: 'MsiPackages'
Are identifiers of fragments deprecated?

I submitted it because the converter did not mark them as an error.
However it is taking place when you are building with wix.

When I was building a Bundle, I got these errors:
~\test_product\components\test_product.wxi(21) : error WIX8500:
The Payload 'cabqsnbgoiL2yJhlIDGB7CrS2Lfb7k' has a duplicate Name
'setup.cab' in the attached container.
When extracting the bundle with dark.exe, the file will get overwritten.
~\test_product\components\test_product.wxi(12) : error WIX8501:
The location of the payload related to the previous error.

I suppressed them, is it ok?

Also I've got these errors:
~\src\Bundle.wxs(55) : error WIX0102:
The localization variable !(loc.DisplayName) is unknown.  Please ensure the
variable is defined.
~\src\Bundle.wxs(11) : error WIX0102:
The localization variable !(loc.DisplayName) is unknown.  Please ensure the
variable is defined.
~\src\Bundle.wxs(11) : error WIX0102:
The localization variable !(loc.DisplayName) is unknown.  Please ensure the
variable is defined.

I "fixed" my code. After that I got MSIs and EXE-installer. MSI works fine
as expected.
However, I noticed strange behavior with EXE.
After a successful installation, when I run the installer again,
the bootstrapperCommand is determined to downgrade.
It was expected that there would be an opportunity to choose an action:
But when I skipped the downgrade action in debugging and chose the remove
the uninstall didn't happen.
note: I use WixManagedBootstrapperApplicationHost and
What am I doing wrong? Can I influence the engine through events or should
I not do this?
I do not expect a detailed answer, at least the direction where to move.

Best Regards, Timofey Evsyutkin
P.H.D., Software Engineer

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