[wix-users] v4: Using the WixUI extension

Frederik Carlier frederik.carlier at keysight.com
Fri Jul 1 08:29:55 PDT 2022


I'm continuing my wix v4 preview journey.  I'm able to build a .msi package, and would now like to add the minimal Wix UI to my installer.

My .wxs file looks like this:

<Wix xmlns=http://wixtoolset.org/schemas/v4/wxs xmlns:ui=http://wixtoolset.org/schemas/v4/wxs/ui>
  <Package Name="..." Manufacturer="..." Version="$(var.Version)" UpgradeCode="...">
    <ui:WixUI Id="WixUI_Minimal" />

I always get the following error message when trying to compile with wix:
error WIX0200: The Package element contains an unhandled extension element 'WixUI'.  Please ensure that the extension for elements in the 'http://wixtoolset.org/schemas/v4/wxs/ui' namespace has been provided.

I have tried the following:

  *   Installing the WixUI extension via wix extension add
  *   Passing the path to the WixToolset.UI.wixext.dll library via the -ext argument
  *   Passing the path to the WixToolset.UI.wixext.nupkg NuGet package via the -ext argument

Anything else I can try?


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