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Yes, though I need to clarify just what you need, as the actual code, though
written by me, belongs to my former employer.  The techniques are public

If you are referring to signing all this mess, then for us the general
procedure was this:

(1) Sign everything possible before packaging.  That includes .EXE, .DLL,
.SYS, .FON and any other applicable file type.  Drivers started at boot time
are a special case, as they require an extra signing by Microsoft.  Ignore
any files that come from a third party.
(2) Build your main MSI and VSIX files from the signed components.  Sign the
resultant files.
(3) Build your bootstrap application.
(4) Extract the payload from the bootstrap application and sign that.
(5) Reassemble the bootstrap application and sign that.

Let me know what it is you want, precisely, and I can put together an
example in pseudo-code.  I cannot give you my full example, both for legal
reasons, and because we had an elaborate server we used for signing things.
The concept still applies, though.

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Do you have a sample of what the package signature was in the bundle?

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I ran into this problem once upon a time.  The basic problem is that both
MSI and VSIX can invoke the Windows Installer, and it doesn't like to be
invoked recursively.  In my case, I had to handle the VSIX install through
the Bootstrapper Application.

--Rick Papo

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I Have an install that installs an SDK for internal consumption.  One of the
components is a .vsix file for VS2019 and/or VS2022

In the component file for the vsix the VsixPackage element looks like this:

PackageId="MyVisxPackage.a5326796-1266-4b41-8a6c-0db3d89547f6" />

This fails because it chooses the VS2014 VSIXInstaller.exe which does not
know about any later versions.  That's what I deduced when I executed the
command line at a command prompt and looked in the log file and reviewed the

Looking through the source code I see that the property
VS_VSIX_INSTALLER_PATH contains the location of the VSIXInstaller.exe so I
added a SetProperty similar to what is in the VsixPackage.wks and set it to
the VSIXInstaller.exe that is installed with VS2019/VS2022, using the
location identified in AppSearch using a file search.

This is the error displayed:
MSI (s) (D0:40) [17:43:37:769]: Executing op:
Action 17:43:37: vim925A50D7601FA96A310238BC0296ED40.
MSI (s) (D0:40) [17:43:37:774]: Executing op:
122,Source=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual
tup.Service\VSIXInstaller.exe,Target=/q  "C:\Program Files
ackage.vsix" /admin,) CustomAction vim925A50D7601FA96A310238BC0296ED40
returned actual error code -2146233088 (note this may not be 100% accurate
if translation happened inside sandbox)

The visx installs running it interactively.  What am I missing?
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