[wix-users] Deploy file to multiple locations

Coryat, Jim Jim.Coryat at softprocorp.com
Wed Feb 9 09:04:17 PST 2022

Yes, guess simple is best.  Found the MultiInstance property on the Component element.  But its unclear how this would relate. I had originally thought that including the component into a ComponentGroup element and then specifying the Directory attribute there would suffice.

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Why not create multiple Components? Different directories, different components. Pretty simple.

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Hello group,

Been reading this for a while and lots of great information to be learned.  I'm creating a installation that deploys files, no UI required.  However one challenge I have is that it deploys .xsd files to the Visual Studio xml\schema folder.  It needs to place them for each installed version.  How can I do that without creating multiple, components?  The component requires the directory element or attribute.

Thank you,

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