[wix-users] uninstall fails after removing installer EXE at its original path

Gubanov, Oleg (INT) Oleg.Gubanov at Teledyne.com
Mon Feb 7 05:40:50 PST 2022

Thank you for the detailed explanation, Sean.

Yes, LicenseManager is an ExePackage declared with attributes Compressed="yes" PerMachine="yes" Vital="yes".
The "Cache" attribute is not set explicitly, so its default value "yes" should be in effect.
The "Compressed" attribute is set to "yes" in order to embed that ExePackage into "A.exe".
So, the ExePackage is in the cache, but it is cached inside A.exe rather than as a standalone executable.
For some reason, A.exe is unable to find the ExePackage compressed inside the same A.exe.
Is there a way to tell A.exe to look for compressed packages inside itself?

From: Sean Hall <r.sean.hall at gmail.com>
Sent: Saturday, February 5, 2022 5:54 PM
To: Gubanov, Oleg (INT) <Oleg.Gubanov at Teledyne.com>
Subject: Re: [wix-users] uninstall fails after removing installer EXE at its original path

Courriel Externe // External Email
You can see that the LicenseManager package is not cached here:

[1188:42F8][2022-02-01T09:46:19]i101: Detected package: LicenseManager, state: Present, cached: None

You can see that the LicenseManager was requested as ForceAbsent and planned to uninstall here:

[1188:42F8][2022-02-01T09:46:24]i201: Planned package: LicenseManager, state: Present, default requested: Absent, ba requested: ForceAbsent, execute: Uninstall, rollback: Install, cache: Yes, uncache: Yes, dependency: None

The engine thinks it needs to cache the package in order to uninstall, likely because it's an ExePackage. You must allow ExePackages to be cached to avoid this problem.

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