[wix-users] RelatedBundle Action for Patch

Nick Elmer nelmer at awarenesstech.com
Wed Feb 23 08:06:45 PST 2022

Hi All,
I am trying to deliver a patch bundle to update an install of a release build. I'm trying to understand the difference between the RelatedBundle actions. Specifically "Patch" and "Upgrade". I found this thread <http://lists.wixtoolset.org/pipermail/wix-users-wixtoolset.org/2018-June/007073.html> where Jacob discusses the upgrade action, but it doesn't give me the whole picture with respect to patching. Nick's "WiX 3.6 - A Developer's Guide to Windows Installer XML" also documents upgrades, but nothing regarding patch bundles.

As described below, I need the patch bundle to have the behavior he describes where the new bundle UI with bug fixes takes priority over the old bundle after a patch install. However that does not seem to happen when "Patch" is defined. When running the patch bundle I see the MSP's get applied as patches, however the ARP uninstall will run the Gold bundle from the cache and not the Patch bundle after install. Seems like "Upgrade" is for major upgrades, and "Patch" is for applying patches.  What am I missing?

Here is what I have:
Bundle (Gold)
-Custom UI
-- ProductA.msi
-- ProductB.msi

Bundle (Patch)
-Custom UI
-- ProductA.msp
-- ProductB.msp

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